About Galaxy Burst

Galaxy Burst is an electronic musician hailing from Detroit, USA who mainly produces an eclectic form of electronic music known as Future Bass. Or more specifically, Kawaii Future Bass. Taking inspiration from a hodge-podge of influential elements (like retro gaming sounds, trap music and sounds of the saccharin sides of Japanese culture), Galaxy Burst has a unique sound that ranges from cozy and warm, to bright and energetically sweet.

In May of 2018, Galaxy Burst released the aptly named “Kawaii”, showing just exactly what his style of music is. Melodic happy synth lines, with powerful jazzy chords, an energetic beat, and no shortage of bass. July brought along "Honey", refining his sound even further.

This is just the start for Galaxy Burst as he gears up to keep on creating that sweet kawaii music.

© Galaxy Burst 2018