Galaxy Burst


Hey everyone! Witches is a new little upbeat future bass track. Trying some new things, hope you enjoy! ^__^


Hey everyone. I've been waiting so long to get this one out! This is "Honey" a new kawaii-ish future bass track. A little bit more of a traditional future bass drop in here, but with those same cute and sweet elements. I hope you guys like this one!~ <3


Kawaii is Galaxy Burst's first foray into the realm of "Kawaii Future Bass". Kawaii features a bouncy and energetic rhythm with cute synth lines and sharp chords to get you swaying in glee! Keep your ears peeled because this is NOT Galaxy Burst's last Future Bass work.


A wild Pikachu appeared!... PIka! is Galaxy Burst's first offering to the music world. An absolute Chiptune / Drum and Bass banger! Galaxy takes those retro sounds and creates an uplifting, bright and rich melody, yet presents a slightly melancholic breakdown. This track takes you on a roller coaster of emotion, leaving you on a high and begging for more!

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